Studio Policies and Procedures

Important Information 
Kali Dance Studio for the Arts strives to provide an atmosphere for productive learning while experiencing the fun and discipline that the art of dance requires. Therefore, we have guidelines that each student must follow for class participation. Please review the policies below.

  • Non-refundable Registration Fee $40.00
  • Combo Classes: $140.00 
  • One Class: $70.00 month
  • Private Session: $70.00 hour
  • $10.00 Non-refundable registration fee for all adults. $40.00 fee for all adult classes.
  • Monthly tuition is due by the first of each month and after the 5th it is considered late. There is a $10.00 late fee that will be applied to the account. There is also $35.00 return check fee. All Fees can be paid via cash app $KaliDanceStudio or Paypal link. 
  • All tuition is non-refundable including school year sessions, dance camps, workshops, etc.
  • There is no refund if the studio must close,however makeup classes will be provided.
  • Students will not be allowed to participate in class if tuition is not paid. No Exceptions
  • Tuition is based on a 4-week month and the tuition will be the same whether it is 4 or 5 weeks.
Absences and Make-Ups 
  • There will be no refunds for missed classes.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw from classes, Kali Dance Studio must receive a written notice in writing 30 days in advance of leaving.
  • Kali understands that the students are enrolled in other activities, however we expect a level of commitment from each student and parent for them to grow and develop in the art of dance.
Absences and Make-Ups 
  • Students should be appropriately dressed for their assigned class. See Dress Code.
  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before class whether it be Zoom or In Person
    Please label all shoes and bags.
  • Teachers reserve the right to dismiss a student from class if they are consistently late.
    No jewelry, chewing gum, food or drinks (other than water) is allowed in the studio.
  • Please show respect to the Director, Teachers, Staff, Fellow Students and others during class time.
  • Kali Dance Studio for the Arts will dismiss any student or parent who disrupts the environment with negative behavior or comments towards staff or fellow students or parents.
  • No profanity or disorderly behavior will be tolerated.
  • Communication is of the very between staff and parents. If there are any questions or concerns, we ask that you address them directly to the staff.
  • Kali Dance Studio Recitals are held in June and December.
  • This is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their ability and growth. It also helps to develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. If a student is consistently absent from class, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the recital.
  • All recital participants must attend all rehearsals.
  • All costumes and recital fees will be paid by parents before the designated deadline.
  • Only costumes paid in full will be ordered: No Exceptions
  • Recital costumes can range in price from $85 to over $200 depending on the number of classes your child is signed up for.
  • All accounts must be paid in full before your child can participate in the recitals.
  • Kali Dance Studio only orders from Professional Costume Companies, therefore it is very important that costume deadlines are met. This is important to ensure that the costumes arrive on time.
Dress Code

Class Descriptions

Ballet- This class is the foundation for all forms of dance. Focuses on building strength, control, and
flexibility. Students learn terminology and proper technique. Students develop motor skills,
musicalawareness, and appreciation for dance.

Ballet/Jazz Combo- The ballet/jazz combination classes are for ages 3-5 years of age. These one hour classes introduce the fundamentals of ballet and jazz by helping thestudents develop coordination, body awareness, rhythm, and flexibility. 30/30

Creative Ballet- A wonderful way to discover ballet. Basic steps are introduced in this class.Nurtures the
joys of movement, freedom of expression and introduction of vocabulary.

Jazz- A fun, upbeat style of dance that focuses on rhythm and sharp movement qualities. Coordination
movements, turns, and jumps are also introduced in this class.

African – Uplifting and high energy dance class that focuses on the different cultures of Africa.
Liturgical Praise- Sacred form of dance using Ballet, Jazz, African and other form of forms of movement.
Modern-Drawing on influences from Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey, this class focuses on inner- feelings
and expressive movement.

Hip-Hop- Energetic dance class that uses hip-hop music and various other dance styles.

Dress Code

All Ballet Classes- Black or Pink Leotard, Dance wrap skirt, Pink or white footed tights, Pink or Black
Leather Ballet Slippers. No Jewelry. Hair should be off the face.

Jazz- Students are allowed to wear any color leotard, jazz pants, and jazz shoes. No Jewelry.

Modern- Students are allowed to wear any color leotard, fitted pants to see the movement of the body.

No Jewelry.

Liturgical/Praise- Students are allowed to wear any color leotard, fitted pants to see the movement of
the body. No Jewelry

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